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Unchanged Faith

We exist because our Faith comes from God who doesn't change. This deposit of faith is fixed and contained in the Holy Bible primarily, expressed in the Councils of the Church and lived through the ancient liturgies. No human being has the authority to teach a Gospel other than what the apostles were given and gave to the Church. This Faith we hold to until our last breath. No man, or a devil disguised as an angel can turn us away from He Who is the Only source of goodness and Salvation, Jesus Christ. Only the professed believer alone will be saved. (Acts 2:21) All others, no matter how well meaning, will be separated and cast into the fire.
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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Closed Forever

The Society of the St John of the Cross reflected a period of many of our lives.

There may be (or may not be) spiritual consequences for discontinuing but we're willing to live with the uncertainty.

If you wish to read about our history, you are free to study us at the Internet Archive.

There are many opinions and positions expressed during this period to which we no longer hold, and if any offense has been given we heartily apologise, particularly in relation to the GLBT community.

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